Tuesday, April 20, 2010

alice in wonderland

tadi gua nonton alice in wonderland bareng vanessa,qisty dan safira. dan sekarang gua mau ngepost apa yang gua tau tentang alice in wonderland

Mia Wasikowska ... Alice Kingsley
Johnny Depp ... The Mad Hatter
Helena Bonham Carter ... The Red Queen
Crispin Glover ... The Knave of Hearts
Anne Hathaway ... The White Queen
Stephen Fry ... The Cheshire Cat
Christopher Lee ... The Jabberwock
Michael Sheen ... The White Rabbit
Alan Rickman ... The Caterpillar
Matt Lucas ... Tweedledee / Tweedledum
Timothy Spall ... The Bloodhound
Barbara Windsor ... The Dormouse

Alice in wonderland

The Mad Hatter

The Red Queen

The White Rabbit

The Knaves of Hearts

The White Queen

The Cheshire Cat

Tweedledee / Tweedledum

The Caterpillar

~The End~

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