Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Is this the truly me?

               Currently, I just re-read some of my old direct messages. And I feel, I'm home. I just realised, that I've been changed too much, I've walked on this wrong road too long, and I've forgot my own self. I'm not myself at all.
              I used to be the girl that proud of herself no matter what other people said about her. I used to be the girl who always think positive. I used to be the girl who will never hurt other people because she has been hurt for many times, so she knew the feels of being abandoned.
              After I re-read my own conversation in my direct message, I just realised that I've met the one I can talk to anytime. And the one that can understand me at all. (of course, after my own family)
              I wrote this post because I just.. miss the memories. Not the person. I miss the time when I was able to be me every time. I miss myself, I miss the memories when I was 'the truly me'. If you've ever been on this road, you will know what I feel. It's so hard to be described. I can't even found the right words to express the way I feel it.
            And if one day, there is one person or more who can bring the truly me back straight to my new self here, or even better than what I'm expected, I will find the person. I WILL. One day. (50%)

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