Friday, December 13, 2013

Catching Fire

The Catching Fire was sick!! Never thought that it will be that awesome. I've watched it for 2 times and still amazed with the effects, the cast and their acting, the story and all. The story is very unpredictable (for those who never read the book; because I didn't), cool, and made me want to be a mocking jay just like Katniss.
And I cannot wait any longer for the Mocking Jay movie. Guess it will be filled by other crazy stuffs. I don't want to read the book first, because I just want to watch the movie as soon as possible. I wish the production wouldn't take long times so it can be edited and ready to be aired asap. I don't like Snow. And I must say that Quarter Quell was crazy, but yet it was very entertaining.
You guys must watch these films: The Hunger Games first before you watch the Catching Fire. Because those are very recommended for you all.

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