Monday, June 30, 2014

Problems of being a tall girl

23 hours ago I just got a question on my, he asked me this:
                        Hal apa yang bisa bener-bener bikin kamu sakit hati? Kenapa?

What things can hurt you the most? Why?

and suddenly, my bad memories came up. I remember all those scarify utterances on me that once they said back time. But what I remember the most yesterday was, the sentence they said which underestimate my appearance and how do I look. It totally not to speak of. 

To be honest, I still can't deny that everytime this thing comes up, I find myself gets awkward and stiff. And deep down inside, I feel like I'm going to hate my self since then. It happens when some fellows call me the big/tall one, and they talked about their statements which are so mean like:
"you're a girl but why do you have a super tall height? Are you gigantic?" 
"You're not a girl, you fit to boys' height lol" 
"I want your body, also your height. I'm too short and I hate it. But, I mean, I just want a little taller than this, not as tall as you are."
"Cut me off some of your height."
"Seriously, why do you have to be so big? I can't resist it that I think you're weird."

When the fact says that I'm only 173-174 cm. And I'm not that fat. It's still normal. I know and I'm so sure I'm normal but all your statements still give me idea to think that I ain't normal and this is all so wrong. I shouldn't have 173-174cm as my height, what you're tryin' to say is I should be on 167-171cm only. 

And this time, I'm going to tell you what problems that tall girls going to face because I already know what advantage I have for being a tall girl. So sit down, and read this carefully because I'm trying to be honest to myself now. Here they are:

1. Off-handed comments.
Either it will boost your confidences or it will break it down, two or three off-handed comments will always you receive since you're a tall girl. You're always getting attention, anywhere and almost everywhere. Like when you meet a stranger in public, suddenly they will say "Look at you! You're really tall! Whatta height for a girl wow." For me, some comments like that will make me uncomfortable I don't know why even if it's a compliment, but it sounds like he assumes that I don't like the other, which is weird for my ears. 

2. No heels just flatshoes.
Can you imagine how tall I look if I wear high heels? It's not a catwalks that will make me look like a supermodel, it is society so I will look like a tree if I am tall and still wear any heels. So, don't.

3. You're older than you're age.
Adults automatically assumed you were older, which caused you to grow up a little faster. In my case, I always being asked If I am a freshman or not and what semiannual am I in. So bored of answering them. Again and again they ask me the same question.

4. Always try to fit yourself in society.
Maybe it's kinda freak, but it's hard for me to fit myself in society just to look normal. Once again, I feel like a tree whenever I'm around my friends. You'll have no idea if you don't experience this by yourself.

5. People think you're good in play basketball or other sports when you don't even like sports. And people start to think that you're not talented, you're a lazy girl.

6. Your long legs are aching when you seat down for long times (esp. when you seat in the backseat).

7. Admit it, you look like a tree (again) when you take pictures with the rest of your friend who are shorter than you unless you bend down just to look the same with them. 

8. You hate it but you have to be honest that, you're taller than any other guys around you. And it effects your love life, like it or not. And there's a little disappointment in your heart, when tall guys pick shorts girl to date with them when you are there, right in front of his face.  


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