Wednesday, December 17, 2014

2014: tough.

Maybe not every lessons learned but still i thank you for this blessed year. 2014 is such a tough part, twist here and there. Met new fellows, left by old ones. Saw tragedies, heard the news, being told about secrets, working on new things, started to be picky, enjoyed my solitude moments but never wanted to miss my golden moments with family, spent more time for some boring school stuffs, confused about college thingy etc etc etc. 
i almost finish you, i won't muluk-muluk about it should be ended perfectly or whatever potatoes, i just hope that don't get any worse until the last day of you.
Don't piss me off with your blablabla tragedies.
I am sure i have my level up, so be nice.
I love you my A+ year, some memories might be forgotten someday but i think some stays with me. 
Thank you.
Hope you like me too.

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