Thursday, October 15, 2015

As a freshman

So, it has been a month and a half since I became a freshman. I'm currently living on my own, 33.5 km away from home. It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to get here both by using train or car. At first, I really hate being here. It was really exciting to have my own life here–at first, but in reality it was so hard for me to do everything by myself. It gets even harder when I realized I had to adjust myself to the new surroundings, also I had to get used to the new routines as a college student and at the same time I had to try my best to be an independent woman. I even cried at my first 2 days here lol. But it's really okay now. I slowly find its beats.

As I said, I have new daily activities. My days are pretty much the same every day, and it goes like this:
6.00 am – I'm actually waking up at this hour nowadays.
6.30 am – getting ready for class.
7.05 am – set off to the college, I walk to get to the college like every day because my dorm (it's a kostan, but whatever) is pretty close to my faculty area.
7.40 am –  after buying breakfast first, I arrive at my class! and yeah I'm having my breakfast right before the class!
8.00 am – my first lecture starts!
10.30 am – aaaand it's over, time to take a short break.
11.00 am – my last lecture of the day starts!
1.00 pm – it's over! After some classes, I tend to go to the canteen to have my lunch there with some fellows. I usually eat whatever I'm craving for in that day, but I mostly order juice like every day.
2.00 pm – heading back to my dorm.
3.00 pm– time to take a nap after an exhausting dayyy
5.00 pm – free time for this free soul
7.00 pm – this free soul is doing her assignments
And I usually go to bed at 12.00am, and it's become a habit for me nowadays.
and repeat these activities again, again and again. Boring, right? But it's not that boring, but it's pretty exhausting. I'm watching some variety shows and TV series I'm obsessed for the past months during my free times, alone. And of course, youtube is a must.  I gained some weights within a month and a half here, just saying.

I'm very grateful for everything I have and I do every day, it's far from what I expected, but still life is good I can't complain. Being a freshman is not just about being a regular student with a regular life, but it's about being the best of yourself. It's full of greater responsibility than the ones you had in the past, sometimes it's really burdensome but sometimes it's really exciting! So just a simple note to myself; please endure the pain till the end, you know it's a worthwhile thing for your entire life. And as a freshman, it's just the beginning. So, fighting! :)

"Remembering where you have been,  
  appreaciating where you are now,
  and deciding on where you are going."

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