Sunday, December 20, 2015

7 Days Gratitude Challenge

Nothing can compare that feeling you get when someone shows his or her gratitude of your existence in his or her life. I think everyone should experience that kind of feelings at least once in their lives. It will automatically boost up your mood for the whole day and also will make you feel more confident of yourself, won't it?

Newton said that action = reaction, if you want other people to be thankful for your appearance in their lives, first you must show them that you're so grateful to have them in your life. With what you can show them that they're precious people for you? Some will say, you can just speak up your feelings or maybe you can just buy them gifts. Those are right, but I guess we need to do something more memorable and will make them remember you as well. It doesn't mean you have to do something big or fanciful acts, you can start by simply doing things they probably want you to do all this time, but you never had the chance to do it. For example, if you want to show your gratitude to your parents, maybe you can start by cleaning the house once in a while or maybe buy flower seeds to be planted in your backyard with your mom etc. 

So, in order to greet 2016, here is my small list of 7 Days Gratitude Challenge:

Day 1: Wake up early and cook breakfast for your parents and siblings!
Day 2: Catch up with old friends from high-school years.
Day 3: Give snacks or food with your handwritten notes to your fellow or co-workers.
Day 4: Go to your surroundings who are in need of help, either it's technical help or psychological support. Talk to them about their problems, listen to their stories and encourage them. Show them that they're precious.
Day 5: Make some time to eat sweet treats with your sisters and do sport with your brothers.
Day 6: Have a date with your parents (or your family) for the whole day, spend some quality times with them. Forget your gadget!
Day 7: Smile or even talk to strangers, and tip up your server, also make good feedback about them to their supervisor and or colleagues.

The values from this challenge are to show your consideration about your surroundings and to make them (and yourself) feel happy and realize that there's someone out there who still appreciate their existences and to boost up their confidences. It may be just small deeds but it could make a great impact for others, so do it sincerely! 

Find your happiness within yourself.

Inspired by PopSugar.

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