Sunday, January 31, 2016

Float, Fly, Move

A little reminder for us (re: me) to appreciate uncertainty things that happen in life.
To always allow the universe to surprise you with the things you've never expected before.
To change the ugliness into something beauty.
To let your guard down for a while and just take a risk.
To accept the fact that we can't control every minute of our lives.
To be brave enough to feel dissatisfaction.
To walk on your path without any expectation.
To face the rudeness of new society with a smile.
To shed the tears of joy when you finally get to pass all the struggles.
To heal your wound with laughter, not a bandaid.
To follow your heart's desire and forget about the need to do what other people usually do.
To dream big without thinking about being realistic and the possibilities to make it happen.
To cherish every moment in your life without bother taking pictures of it and posting them on Instagram.
To forgive every mistake you did so you don't have to regret about your past.
To forget about the idea of thinking out of the box.
To be okay even when you're not fine.

And always remember that everything will be great if you just let it be.
Have the courage to stop seeking for something so certain.
Step over your limit, because this world is bigger and beyond your expectation. If you do nothing and just stay at one place, all you're gonna be is just a robot in a shape of a human.

For the first time in my life,
I really want to be a butterfly.



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